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Advertising Cases, 2020

Advertising has always interested me as it combines design and creative with strategy and market research. I was able to participate in several advertising campaign cases as part of my education, focusing on identifying and targeting potential market segments, rebranding, and designing creative for digital, social media, and print. As part of a team, I tend to lead in creative and communication. In the Heineken campaign as well as the Contadina campaign featured below, I assumed the role of creative director, composing the slide decks and creating the visual advertisements.

Credit Union Benchmark, 2019

During my marketing and graphic design internship at Arvato Financial Solutions, I was tasked with creating a logo, social media graphics, and an ad campaign for Credit Union Benchmark, a new venture that helping credit unions integrate analytics to assess their performance. I built out the logo with inspiration from the concept of a benchmark. I also created the tagline that was featured in the social media graphics and ad campaign. The ad campaign, "Easy" was a series of 6 ads that I created to communicate how simple it was to use the product offering by comparing it to relatable everyday easy decisions. I also created additional graphics for the company website.

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